Pay Per Click


However, Google ads were formerly known as Google AdWords is the online advertising platform. Advertisers bid to display their advertisement pieces, products, videos to web users. You must know! It can be placed in the results of search engines at the top, and on non-search places such as websites, videos, and mobile apps.

Bidding Smartly

Stop guessing the bids! Time has changed, many advertisers use smart bidding, which makes use of machine learning and AI. It helps to optimize bidding. You must use smart bidding for effective bids. However, it is automation and not manual.

NLS (Natural Language Search)

It is the most important aspect for better insights. One must include in their strategy. The days are faded when used to accept the unnatural usage of keywords. Nowadays, people are using Google voice search, however, Google BERT has intended to read natural language. You must create the Ad using long-tail keywords with natural language. Remember, not to repeat the keywords too much.

Discovery Ads

A new feature is added to Google, as Discovery. It is very beneficial for businesses to gain potential customers. This ad will help to reach the consumers even before searching in the tab. Discovery ads are very effective and it needs to be built accordingly, unlike youtube or display ads. It must have some basic qualities such as mobile-friendly design, multiple appearances, and engaging visuals.

Gallery Ads

This feature was introduced in 2019, and now it is available in Beta mode. It is ready for use across digital marketing strategies. You can add eight images and text with each image. Google is now moving from text-only ads, so it will be a perfect time to rob the hearts of the audience through visuals.

Keywords And Impact

One likely thing many businesses ignore and it can be a brilliant strategy of Google Ads in 2021. Negative keywords will prevent any impact on the wastage of budget and appearance in search results. By adding negative keywords, you are justifying Google, that you don’t want to appear for the irrelevant keywords. We recommend you few ‘Negative Keywords’ such as no cost, free, samples, about, etc.