More than any other type of website, a photography website should show rather than tell. Actually, to put it more accurately, a photography website should show and then tell if asked. After all, you still need to share (and potential clients want to know) your story, your approach behind past photography projects, client testimonials, etc.

While a unique look and feel are important, exercise a bit of skepticism about photo galleries that are a little too unusual. For example, photo galleries that scroll horizontally (left to right) are unique but can be difficult for visitors to browse.

So, you’ve decided to take your photography to the next level and create a website. Congratulations!

Putting your work out there and turning your hobbies into something more can be a little daunting. But if you stick with it and are willing to learn, you’ll reap the benefits with a fulfilling career or business.

While creating a website is an excellent way to elevate your presence as a photographer, it’s vital to ensure that you appeal to your target audience. This guide will give you eight tips for doing that.